HOT DOC: Why I Can’t Stop Giving Obama My Money



Dear Jonathan,

To celebrate Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, graphic artist Shepard Fairey has created an unforgettable limited edition poster.

Make a donation of $20 or more to receive your official inauguration poster.ShepPoster_BeTheChange_1_1.jpg

This will be the most open and accessible Inaugural in our nation’s history. And thanks to supporters like you, it’s happening without donations from Washington lobbyists or big corporations.

Celebrate this historic moment and our first step toward change.

Get your limited edition Shepard Fairey poster today.

Thank you for your support,

The Presidential Inaugural Committee

P.S. — Shepard Fairey also designed a T-shirt, stickers, buttons, and other items for the Inauguration. Check them out here:

COMEDY CENTRAL: Look, we’re all going to be sad to see Dick Cheney leaving the Semi-Ovular Office (that’s where the Vice President sleeps). But not as sad as everyone in Hell who’s going to be out of work now that Dick is on his way from Washington back to his home town. Look, the nice folks at Indecision made a game about it! MORE


[Click Cheney to activate Internets]

ASSOCIATED PRESS: President-elect Barack Obama plans to nominate one of his key technology advisers to be the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, according to a Democratic official and a person who has worked with the transition team on tech issues. Julius Genachowski, a friend of Obama’s from their days at Harvard Law School and a top fundraiser for his presidential campaign, would bring a corporate technology background and inside-the-Beltway experience to the FCC.

fcc.jpgFrom 1997 to 2005, he held several executive positions at Barry Diller’s Internet conglomerate IAC/InterActive Corp., including chief of business operations and general counsel. Previously he spent three years in the FCC in the Clinton administration, including as chief counsel to the chairman. And from 1991 to 1994, he served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justices David Souter and William Brennan.

Another likely priority for Genachowski is increasing Americans’ access to affordable high-speed Internet connections. The new administration is expected to try to do that by tapping the nation’s wireless spectrum and turning to the Universal Service Fund, which subsidizes telephone service in rural and poor communities.

Genachowski is considered a strong proponent of so-called “network neutrality” rules, which would prohibit broadband operators from favoring or discriminating against Internet traffic flowing over their networks. The fight over net neutrality has pitted the phone and cable giants, which insist they need flexibility to manage network traffic, against Internet companies such as Google Inc., which fear that the broadband operators could become gatekeepers on the Internet. MORE

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