GAYDAR EXTRA: Where Did Our Love Go?


Shout it from the rooftops: its Day Without a Gay! What would happen if one day, all the homosexuals in America—nay, the world—suddenly abandoned the work place? Today is the day we just might find out. DWD started with a few concerned homosexuals distraught over the Prop 8 ruling (boo). Even after the numerous demonstrations that erupted from the ruling, the people at DWD saw the need to up the ante in fight for the rights of gays everywhere. With their combined efforts, DWD has become a nationally-heeded herald: instead of calling into work sick today, call in “gay” and volunteer your free time at your local LGBT community centers. And if you’re off from work already, great! By participating in DWD, you will be helping to keep the national dialogue about gay-rights going while supplying LGBT community centers with desperately needed help. Go visit for links to LGBT community centers across America.

P.S: Please note the myriad derisive comments made on the FAQ page on the site. Apparently, homo-hating web-guerillas keep a constant vigil of any movement in the national gay community, and laugh in the face of those soldiering for equality at every turn. The hate’s right on our doorstep, folks. Let’s do something about it. — AARON STELLA

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