EARLY WORD: Here Comes The Silver Age


Dear friends, family, and fans of men’s close harmony vocal ensembles,

Hello and happy holiday season to you!  We hope this suddenly very chilly autumn is finding you well.  The Silver Ages have been hard at work of late, sequestered in an authentic reproduction of Mory’s Temple Bar set up in a row home just south of Fitler Square.  We’ve been singing round-the-clock, honing our craft in preparation for this busiest time of year (for those unfamiliar, close harmony vocal ensemble season runs from Beaujolais Day in November to the moment of the Vernal Equinox in March).  Things are sounding better than ever, and truthfully, things really just ARE better than ever.  It’s been an incredible year!  And we think that a celebration is in order.  Which is why we’re so excited to make the following announcement:

Please join us for the 2nd annual Seasonal Evening with the Silver Ages, taking place on Saturday, December 20th at the Chapel of the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia!  The night promises to deliver glee on many levels, and will feature the antiquarian charms of your own Silver Ages, along with rare acoustic solo performances from two very special guests…

First up there’s Young Nick Krill: when he’s not head-shakingly whipping up a melodic maelstrom with The (Wonderful) Spinto Band, he is a truly plasmic melter of hearts .  Sure, we all love love love the Spintos and their energy and their moves and their deep history of pop perfection, but what we’re saying is: you haven’t seen anything but anything until you’ve seen YNK (that stands for Young Nick Krill) yodel yule songs olde and neu! on acoustical guitar (perhaps ukelele this time?). This is a man who knows which side his Tin Pan Alley is buttered.

Then up there’s ol’ Scott “Taxi” McMicken. He’s in Dr. Dog.  He once made a tape called “Beercan Chicken” and it’s got legends about it.  He was in Raccoon in the old ways – I mean – days.  He’s somewhat shorter than Frank.  When he and the guys sang the Nat’l Anthem at Citizen’s Bank Park, he’d misplaced the snazzy shirt they made for him so he had to find another one, but he (and they) sounded absolutely lovely.  He’s sung for folks all over this earth (as has Nick) and now he’s (they’re) gonna sing for you and us and we all in this little chapel ’round Christmastime.

As many of you know, the Chapel itself is worth mentioning – it is a truly unique venue and features some of the most gorgeous acoustics around.  The room, located in the rear section of the Frank Furness designed Unitarian Church, includes carved and gilt wood detailing and offers seating in authentic pews.  We’re honored to be returning to this historic space for another Holiday show, and we’d truly love to see you there!

Capacity for the night is capped at around 70, and the show will be a decidedly intimate affair, so advance ticket purchase is highly recommended (as crazy as that sounds).  R5 Productions has been kind enough to let us announce the show privately (to you) before it goes public.  Tickets are available through Ticketweb using the following link:


This will be an early show, as we understand it falls in the heart of the holiday season.  Merriment begins at 8:00, performances will begin at 9:00, and will conclude early, leaving you with plenty of time to get to any holiday party, local bar or well-made bed that awaits.

We love you, we do, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating (in song) on December 20th.  Things you can expect:

Men singing old songs
Men singing new songs
Smart brogues
Elbow patches
Actual Stars
Wine and spirits, including the local debut of the highly regarded Pimm’s No. 1 Cup cocktail (sshhhh, it’s a church)
Finger foods and lighter fare (again, sshhhh, it’s a church)
A family affair

We hope to see you very soon!

The Silver Ages


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