GAYDAR EXTRA: Taking It To The Streets

prop_8_love2_11x17.jpgOn November 4th, 2008, we made history with the election of the first black president in the history of the United States. But the motion to ban gay marriage in California cast a dark cloud over Californian gays for what was for most a joyous day. Proposition 8 is a California state ballot proposition that denies homosexual couples the right to marry. Gay activists and gay couples naturally saw this as a threat, and rigorously campaigned against the proposition prior to the presidential election, which included raucous demonstrations out front of churches of many denominations and the boycotting of business that supported the “Yes to 8” cause. But despite “No to 8’s” valiant efforts, the majority of Californians voted YES. Wait, you must be asking yourself, isn’t California staunchly liberal? And, didn’t we just vote in a liberal president elect? Did someone zap fringy ol’ Cali with a bizzaro ray? What the hell!?!  Some blame “No to 8” campaigners for failing to reach out to blacks and Latinos, who voted overwhelmingly to pass Prop 8, according to California exit polls. According to Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International, “Seven out of 10 African-American voters and more than half of Latinos backed Prop 8.” Additionally, Mark DiCamilllo of the Field Research Corp. said, “Religion trumps politics.”  Also, in the rush to rally forces, “No to 8” campaigners inadvertently excluded a portion of gay activists who would have helped turn the votes, according the LA Daily News. But despite the crushing loss, gay rights activists across the nation are regrouping and rallying forces to make their voice be heard louder than ever. You can join call to action in Philadelphia this Saturday 11/15 @ 1:30 pm at Broad and Markets Streets, Dilworth Plaza @ City Hall Across from Love Park. So get out there boys and girls. Let’s make things right! –AARON STELLA

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