We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It


BOW WOW WOW: Deerhunter, First Unitarian, Last Night [photo by TIFFANY YOON]

BY TIFFANY YOON Bradford Cox and his gang put on a killer show, with the setlist drawn largely from their new album Microcastle, easily in my Top Five of the year. Cox seems to love Philadelphia, which he will forever associate with scrapple and pneumonia. I think he tells these stories every time he plays a show in Philly, but let’s start with the scrapple. Apparently, Cox didn’t know what scrapple was until he went to the Melrose Diner the last time through town. Curious, he orders some scrapple, thinking it was some sort of combination of cinnamon and apple. Kind of makes sense, I suppose. Then when it was delivered to him, he thought that it had been combined with some sort of French toast, due to the square shape and brown color. Not quite, dude. No, he didn’t get pneumonia from this, though I wouldn’t be surprised. He got pneumonia the next time he came to Philadelphia. Cox told us these details as he stood with his hand on his hip and occasionally put his left foot on his right knee like a flamingo. A favorite stance of my own, and I only wish my camera battery hadn’t died at that moment. The show ended with “Twilight at Carbon Lake”, a perfect song to close out the night. It has a slow lead up and then explodes like the rays of sun at dawn, hitting you harder than you ever would’ve expected.

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