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Subject: attention Jonathan Valania – The Guardian
From:    richard.adams@guardian.REDACTED
Date:    Mon, October 27, 2008 8:27 am

Jonathanyour piece in the Inquirer yesterday was fantastic. We’d like to
re-run it on the Guardian‘s op-ed site for the amusement of British people
and others.

Richard Adams

(I’m in the Guardian’s DC bureau)

MEcropped2.jpgEDITOR’S NOTE:  34,000 54,000 page views, a re-print offer from the GuardianUK, an encouraging word from Josh The Bricklayer (SEE BELOW), more incoherent hate mail than Charlie Manson gets in a year, one death threat, notice that I am officially persona non-grata in the whites-only homeland the white supremacists are working on, and Joey Sweeney’s underoos in a bunch because I stole his Attention Whore Of The Year crown. All told, a smashing success!


UPDATE: It has come to my attention that Brit Hume read WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE on the air last night on Fox News. Which, given our fairly relentless Fox News-bashing is ironic, to say the least, though sadly predictable in the way the piece was misrepresented. Much like my new white power penpals (The Inquirer had to close the COMMENTS section after a while), Brit Hume seems to have not bothered to read past the opening paragraph, which is, by design, of a piece with Fox’s pre-approved attacks narratives, in this case it’s that old standby:  Liberals hate America and the white people that made it great! But all that jazz about not letting white people vote is just the set-up to the joke, not the moral-of-the-story punchline. Brit’s got no time for the moral-of-the-story, he’s gotta tell us about those crazy Hollywood liberals hanging Sarah Palin in effigy for Halloween. Oh, well. What did you expect fairness and balance? No matter, they spelled the name right. Besides, by this time next week Fox News will begin its new role during the Obama Years as the WB of journalism. Watch it here…

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Hey Jonathan…

Great piece yesterday in the Philly Inquirer. Just got to read it and you’re spot on. I’ll be checking out your blog as soon as I get a moment, but just wanted to give you a shout. Quality.

I’m from Greensburg- about 30 mintues from Johnstown- Murtha’s territory. I actually worked with the bricklayers on one of his buildings there and worked with many of the irresponsibly judgmental people you speak of in the write up. It’s sad but unfortunately I can’t possibly think of a way to change these people. It’s just not going to happen.

Keep it up. Well done…

Joshua Smith
Greensburg, PA


Mr. Valania,

I don’t know whether to fall into gales hysterical laughter at your op-ed piece or find a copy of your newspaper just to burn it and piss on the ashes. As far as I’m concerned, you are a human cockroach. Its Statist morons like you and the people you support that have gotten us to this place now. Its Statist thugs and looters like those you support that are striking matches near a massive powder keg that is this country. Yes, Bush/Cheney certainly hosed things up by making the Federal Government far more powerful, menacing and imposing than its ever been before. However, your candidate Barack Hussein roach.thumbnail.jpgObama is going to simply finish shredding the Constitution (since he holds it in contempt anyway) and reap the harvest planted by Bush Jr. and the long line of looter thugs like Clinton, Bush Sr., Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Roosevelt and Wilson.

When future generations look back on us in scorn for having squandered liberty in favour of more governmental control in our lives, people like you will be right there along with the likes of Bush Jr., Cheney and the rest in the Pantheon of Shame. The Hell that I don’t believe in is paved with Good Intentions. Your name and that of Barack Obama will be imbedded therein. Enjoy your time while you can, mouthing platitudes about the 1st Amendment and how you believe in freedom.

Deserta faciunt et pacem appellant.

David Farris


[Directed by SCOTT COLAN]

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