NYT Nails Backstory On Inky Endorsementgate

trumandewey_1.jpgNEW YORK TIMES: On the same page that the newspaper published a 901-word editorial supporting Mr. Obama, it ran just beneath it a 391-word dissent in support of Mr. McCain. […] So what happened? Brian Tierney, chief executive of the company that owns The Inquirer, Philadelphia Media Holdings, and who sits on the newspaper’s editorial board, would not say. In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. Tierney would only say, “We don’t talk about what goes on on the editorial page.” Harold Jackson, the editor of the editorial page, also would not discuss the deliberations or vote total, but did say that the board “had a vigorous discussion.” But another member of the Editorial Board, who asked not to be identified because of possible repercussions, said that it was Mr. Tierney who pressed the case for Mr. McCain. After arriving at the meeting, the board member said, “we went around the room” and Mr. Obama was the “overwhelming winner.” At that point, the person said, “Tierney weighed in and made the case for McCain.” MORE

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