CALLING ALL COMMIES: Beware Of Drunk Bikers



McCain-Palin Motorycle Rally, Philadelphia

Free Beer, plus bikers is unbeatable. Please sign up with Chris Hill at:

I need a favor from each of you. On Sunday 26 October at 1400hrs, I am leading a motorcycle caravan around the city to get at the communists making all manner of noise. We’re going to ride from the Chinatown McCain campaign office at 1008 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA. We’ll bash around Center City, through South Philly out to the Northeast and then back, with flags a flying and pipes roaring.

If you ride and want to join us fantastic. If you don’t I am asking that you make the journey down to the office and be part of the spectacle.

When we return from the ride there will be free beer and refreshments, the screening of a movie about Medalhomermotorcycle.gif of Honor recipients, and possibly a McCain surrogate. Regardless, it will energize us all for the week running up to the election. It matters not where you are registered; it’s all about making a stand.

We’re only taking 75-100 bikes with us due to the city streets, but please get this word out. I am terrified that McCain/Palin are going to lose, and we all know the kids in the desert deserve better. So, there it is: a personal request repayable upon demand..

Pass this information out to your people and I hope to see you all there. Manchu.

Chris Hill


PHAWKER: Attention Bikers For McCain & Beer, please beware the nails of change are scattered all over the streets of Philadelphia. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

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