BYKO: Who Let The Dawgs Out?

BYKO: Curious: Who took the revealing vacation pictures obtained by Cole and lovingly posted on the station’s Web site? All 14 pictures show [City Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. and legislative aide Latrice Bryant], in casual 20081006_goodevacation2_400_1.jpgclothes — down to a skimpy sundress and a bikini for her — during an August 2005 trip to Jamaica. Did they work on legislative affairs day and night? Or just affairs? Several City Council observers were stunned by the pictures. “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him smiling,” said one. And, boy, was he smiling. Hell, even I’m smiling. In six shots, Bryant wears a flower behind her left ear, which means she’s taken, by island custom. I can’t say if Bryant knows the custom, or thinks it’s racist. In nine pictures, Goode has his hands on Bryant body parts, ranging from boring (her back) to ooo-la-lah (waist, hips, thighs). He left more handprints on her than stars have on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some of the pictures could have been better. But the burning question is: Who took the pictures? There are too many to have been taken by random passers-by. I think the pictures were taken by someone they know, a Judas. MORE

latriceBryant2_1.jpgPHILLY CLOUT: A call from the Committee of 70 for City Council to investigate one of its own members overtook a press conference today where Mayor Nutter introduced his new task force on ethics and campaign finance reform.  Nutter, with the nine task force members behind him, repeatedly refused to take a position on Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr.’s relationship with his controversial chief legislative aide, Latrice Bryant.  Council President Anna Verna would not say if she would convene the Committee on Ethics to investigate that relationship. […] Verna at first refused to say if she would convene Council’s Committee on Ethics but then partly relented, adding, “We will definitely look into it. I will talk to [Council’s] leadership and see which direction they would like to go.”  Verna also acknowledged that Council rarely takes such action.  “I can’t remember the last time that Council ever investigated one of their own,” Verna said. MORE

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