BREAKING: McCain Blinks, Palin Wins Pageant


WASHINGTON POST: The news that John McCain will debate Barack Obama tonight in Mississippi is a concession by the Arizona Senator that his attempt to score a quick political victory on legislation to bail out the financial sector did not pan out as he had hoped. McCain suspended his presidential campaign with much fanfare on Wednesday, insisting that the crisis in financial markets and the seeming stalemate on Capitol Hill required that politics be set aside for the good of the country. But, over the intervening 24 hours, McCain saw what looked at first like a brilliant political gambit turn into a nightmare as what looked like a done deal to save the financial industry devolved into a partisan shouting match at the White House that left Congressional negotiators back at square one. MORE

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tune in tonight for liveblogging coverage of the debate


ISN’T SHE LOVELY: Sarah Barracuda Works It…Works It…And…Works It


HOT DOCUMENT: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bailout


VOTENOBAILOUT.ORG: Labor unions, community organizations, student groups, peace organizations and thousands of other unaffiliated individuals are taking part in demonstrations all around the country to say “No to the Bailout Legislation.” signs and leaflets were distributed on Wall Street today in a demonstration of more than 1,000 workers organized by the New York Central Labor Council.  Tell all of your friends to send a letter to elected officials through today! Download and print flyers to distribute in your community and at protests in your area opposing the bailout.  Printing leaflets, flyers, posters and banners on an emergency basis costs money. If you would like to make an urgently needed donation, you can do so by clicking this link. The grassroots movement of resistance to the Grand Theft Bailout is sweeping the country. More than 130,000 letters have been sent through the website to members of Congress telling them to vote “no” to the bailout legislation.

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