OBAMA: Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are UNsound

Obama campaign ad: “Plan for Change”

HUFFINGTON POST: Obama’s improved fortunes are relieving an epidemic of Democratic anxiety from Beverly Hills and South Central Los Angeles to the Upper West Side and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Recent fears among Democratic activists have been based on a brief spate of polls. After holding a relatively consistent lead for five months, Obama, two weeks ago, suddenly looked vulnerable. In six out of seven national polls conducted from September 5 to September 11 and tracked by RealClearPolitics, McCain led:

Over the past six days, however, Obama appears to be regaining his footing, pulling ahead of McCain in four out of the five most recent surveys, culminating in leads ranging from 1 point (Rasmussen) to a relatively solid 5-point advantage in the September 12-16 CBS News/New York Times survey published in the September 18 paper.


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