SNL: Lipstick Traces

“A Nonpartisan Message From Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Hillary Clinton”


HUFFINGTON POST: McCain spokeswoman Carly Fiorina has weighed in on the major issue of today, namely, 30 Rock creator Tina Fey’s portrayal of vice presidential contender Sarah Palin from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. Fiorina, astonishingly, termed it “disrespectful.” […] In Fiorina’s opinion, Fey was “sexist” and failed to delve into Palin’s substance. Speaking of Palin’s substance, today on the stump she loudly declared that she’d end the practice of Wall Street rewarding incompetent CEOs with “golden parachutes.” Palin made no note of Fiorina’s own $21 million-dollar ripcord,, because I guess that would be too substantive. MORE

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