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Get Rhythm: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

It’s a two-hour tribute in song and story to the Man in Black.  We’ll hear from his family, friends and associates on the contradictions–preacher, outlaw, loving family man, rockabilly rebel–that made the man.  Voices include Rosanne Cash; son John Carter Cash; sister Joanne Yates; bassist and original member of the Tennessee Two Marshall Grant; guitarist Johnny Western; producer Rick Rubin; long time manager Lou Robin; writer and critic Michael Streissguth; and of course Johnny Cash.

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Formed in 2002 as a trio of singer-songwriters (it eventually grew into a sextet), Espers has emerged as a key player in the worldwide psych-folk revival. The Philadelphia band’s female vocals are accented with light chimes and finger cymbals, creating a nostalgic and wistful sound. Hear songs recorded at the Philadelphia Folk Festival by clicking the link above. After releasing its self-titled debut in 2004, Espers released a covers record called The Weed Tree, which featured songs by artists as diverse as Nico and Blue Oyster Cult. In 2006, the band doubled its size to record II, an album filled with lush melodies inspired by late-’60s British folk-rock.


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