CITIZEN MOM: Baby Mama Drama

CITY PAPER: After three days that contained enough absurdist theater to qualify for the Fringe Festival, the image knocked_up_poster_one_sheet_seth_rogen_1.jpgI’m left with from the Republican National Convention is of the future Mrs. Levi Johnston — you know her better as Bristol Palin — standing onstage with her family and the McCains, being showered with the kind of wild-eyed applause usually reserved for that other rock star in the presidential race.

There she was, all of 17, having sprouted a baby bump and a sketchy-looking fiancé since arriving in Minneapolis, and feeling the love from an arena — and a nation — full of Republicans who drenched Jamie Lynn Spears with scorn when she got herself in the family way. To them, Bristol was a hero, and her pregnancy a “blessed event” rather than an unfortunate episode in some tacky political telenovela.

The whole thing gave me a weird flashback to when I was 15, standing on a church altar and holding my best friend’s baby — Laura had a son at 16, and a daughter at 19 — while he was baptized. I certainly don’t recall applause, however, and while I heard Laura called many names by many people during those difficult years, “hero” wasn’t one of them. MORE

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