HOT DOCUMENT: Citizen Mom Gets A Job

lois1972sepia.jpgHey folks,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt like the year really starts in September. My school days are far behind me, but this time of year always feels like the beginning of something. To that end, I want to let you know about my new venture, a column for the Philadelphia City Paper. It debuts with the Sept. 4 issue (that’s Thursday, for any of you suffering Monday-holiday discombobulation) so please pick up a copy or look for it on .

The plan is for the column to run weekly, and not many subjects will be off limits. Please be part of the conversation by sending me ideas, tips, secret plans, gossip, or anything else you’d like to whisper into Mom’s ear. Email or check me out on Twitter, @AmyZQuinn .

Why a newspaper, you ask? Aren’t they all going out of business any second? Well, we can agree to disagree on that last part, but let’s just say Citizen Mom loves trees of all kinds — live, dead, and the ones one which checks are printed. Which is a polite way of saying yes, they are paying me. Those handbags don’t buy themselves, you know!

I’m really looking forward to this, and thank Brian Howard and Doron Taussig for smellin’ what Citizen Mom is cooking.


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