BY TIFFANY YOON Sonic Dance, wherein a troupe of dancers basically dance their way down Broad Street from City Hall to the Avenue of the Arts, articulating their bodies with rhythm and grace across any surface — sidewalk, street, mailbox, passerby — that would have them.  Too bad the weather was kinda crappy and the music coulda been louder, but they certainly captured the public’s curiosity. By the end of the performance, there was a small mob, practically jogging to keep up, hoping to figure out just what this was all about. And that of course, was the point — integrating the unexpected with the everyday, using the element of surprise to strategic advantage. Dancers jumped onto a DHL delivery truck, used trash cans and fire hydrants as props, and danced in the middle of Broad Street long enough to make a cab driver’s jaw drop.  Meanwhile, a father twirled his young daughter in the air, imitating the dancers.  It was a beautiful way to kick off the festival, bringing the arts to life in Philadelphia’s everyday streets.  A-

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