SPORTO: Sixers Make Iggy The $80 Million Man


BLEACHER REPORT: You’ve got to love the superlatives analysts use to describe up and coming stars in sports. From “freakish ability” to “a great motor” to “outstanding length”, the words roll of the tongue beautifully. Andre Iguodala is a guy who fits all three of those characterizations. He plays with heart and is a one of the fastest players in the NBA, turning on the motor for many a fast-break dunk. His length allows him to soar above the rim and his freakish ability guides him all over the court, on defense and offense. This past season, Iguodala was a vital cog for the Philadelphia 76ers as they made it to the playoffs for the first time during the post-Allen Iverson era. His numbers during the ’07-’08 season were outstanding, as he put up nearly 20 points and over five rebounds-per-game. Each year since he entered the league as the ninth pick in the 2004 draft, Iggy has grown nearer toward being labeled as a “star” in the association. He has matured so much in the last four seasons that the Sixers brass has bestowed upon him a lucrative contract worth $80 million over six years. Certainly we can see that Iguodala is a budding superstar and if his track record is any indication of things to come, then he should fulfill the exorbitant deal he is about to sign. MORE

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