KILLADELPHIA: 10 Year Old Takes Lead In Gun Battle

KILLADELPHIA_SKULLcropped.jpgNBC10: Police said Wednesday a 10-year-old girl was caught in the middle of a frightening gun battle on the streets of West Philadelphia.Victoria Green, along with two men, were shot in the area of Ruby and Chestnut streets. Green was shot in the leg and rushed to Children’s Hospital. “Ten years old, out here playing, can’t even play in front of your door with violence going on. I mean it’s ridiculous,” David Smith, the victim’s uncle, said.

Police said the shooting began with a cell phone call saying there was going to be a fight. Then, police said the gunman opened fire going northbound on Ruby Street toward a group of men.Police said there were many cars damaged on the street and casings were everywhere. “Whoever was shooting at that corner right there knew there were little kids right there playing like that and had no regard for human life,” Smith said. The gunman was still being sought, NBC 10 News reported, and authorities were reviewing surveillance cameras in the area to see if the shooting was caught on tape. MORE

UPDATE: Police have arrested a man in the shootings last night ofgirlshot72.jpg three people, including a 10-year-old girl, in West Philadelphia. Gunfire erupted at 8:40 p.m. near the 5300 block of Chestnut Street following an altercation between two groups of men, police said. The girl was playing in front of her home on Ruby Street when the gunman, who has not been named by police, fired eight shots. One of the bullets struck the youngster in the calf. Two men, ages 22 and 23, were hit in the legs. MORE

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