SIGN OF THE TIMES: Is That A Stolen Manhole Cover In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?


NEW YORK TIMES: PHILADELPHIA — Francis McConnell is a field supervisor for the Philadelphia Water Department, but lately he is acting more like an undercover police officer. Several hours a day, five days a week, he stakes out junkyards. Pretending to read a newspaper, Mr. McConnell sits near the entrances and writes down descriptions of passing pickup trucks and shirtless men pushing shopping carts. His mission is to figure out who is stealing the city’s manhole covers and its storm drain and street grates, increasingly valuable commodities on the scrap market. More than 2,500 covers and grates have disappeared in the past year, up from an annual average of about 100.

Thieves have so thoroughly stripped some neighborhoods on the city’s north and southwest sides that some blocks look like slalom courses, dotted with orange cones to warn drivers and pedestrians of gaping holes, some nearly 30 feet deep.Two adolescents were injured in recent months after falling into uncovered holes, motorists and cyclists are increasingly anxious about damaging tires, and the city is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars — $300,000 at last count — to replace the missing covers.

City crews tried screwing down the covers with hexagonal bolts, but the thieves responded with Allen wrenches to unscrew them. The city pressed scrap dealers to refuse material marked as city property; but the thieves adapted again, using blow torches to partially cut up or melt off the city labels. One thing has helped. A Water Department worker, Fred Feoli, designed a way to lock the manhole covers from the inside. But so far, only 300 of the city’s more than 70,000 manhole and inlet covers have been locked. Thieves can get $5 or $10 for wrought-iron inlet covers, which weigh about 40 pounds and cover curbside drains. The larger manhole covers in the center of the streets weigh about double and triple that and are worth commensurately more. MORE

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