TRAGIC: Cops Seize 500 Pounds Of Kind Bud, Say They Have NO Plans To Sell It To The Smoking Public


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INQUIRER: A multi-million dollar marijuana ring has been reduced to ashes with the the seizure of 500 pounds of cannibis cannabis and the arrests of two men with ties to the Philadelphia region, authorities said.

The men, who will be identified at a press conference later this morning, are accused of shipping “bales” of the weed to Delaware County for distribution around Philadelphia. Investigators have valued the captured marijuana at $2 million.

In Folcroft Township on Thursday, state and federal agents seized a crate packed with 220 pounds of potent pot that had been shipped from Houston on a rental truck, said a spokesman for Pennsylvania Attorney General Tompotleaftoking.gif Corbett.

Another sizable shipment was seized last month. Federal agents are searching for additional suspects connected with that haul. “This may have been going on for a while,” said Corbett’s spokesman, Steve Harley. MORE

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