WELDONGATE: Feds Charge Curt Cohort With Destruction Of Evidence As The Noose Tightens


INQUIRER: In a statement, Grimes’ attorneys said she was “extremely remorseful,” but defended her lobbying work. “Any suggestion that Ms. Grimes engaged in any inappropriate, illegal or improper conduct with regard to her role as a lobbyist is incorrect and unfounded,” the statement said. Her lawyer, Richard L. Scheff ofweldondn.jpg Philadelphia, declined further comment.

Two FBI agents interviewed Grimes at her home in October 2006 and asked her about how she got into lobbying and her contacts with Weldon, according to the criminal information filed in Washington yesterday. At the end of the interview, they gave her subpoenas seeking records of two lobbying firms, their clients, and Grimes’ travel and e-mails.

Grimes instead filled trash bags with records, including check stubs, records of airline and Amtrak travel, an invitation to a Weldon fund-raiser, and RSVP cards for a dinner honoring Weldon. The FBI recovered the bags from trash cans next to Weldon’s house. The next month, trying to keep her e-mails from being read by the FBI, Grimes dropped her BlackBerry into a trash can at a nearby Arby’s restaurant, the information said. That was not recovered. MORE

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