We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It


THE SUMMER OF SHOVE: No Age, First Unitarian, Last Night

PHOTO & TEXT BY TIFFANY YOON A young, near-capacity crowd squeezed into the church basement like it was a pair of skinny jeans that no longer fit comfortably, it was sweatbox-hot, and nearly everyone was drunk and hormonal. In other words, I haven’t had this much fun at a show in a long time. Sadly, I missed Abe Vigoda open the show, but I did catch some of High Places set, but found it somewhat disappointing. They just weren’t very exciting to watch. Danceable music, definitely, but I just wanted more. Sean McGuinness, the drummer from Pissed Jeans, who on any given night in Philly you’re bound to see out, joined Randy Randall and Dean Spunt of No Age on stage for one song. It was an honor to have one of our city’s own drummers join up with Randall and Spunt. He seemed more psyched about it than anyone else. The crowd was sweaty and reckless, but everyone, despite getting elbowed in the face or shmeared with the bodily fluids of strangers around them, had ear-to-ear smiles on their faces. It was an amazing show, and I can’t wait to see them again in Chicago.

NO AGE: Eraser

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Tiffany Yoon will be traveling to Chicago next weekend to liveblog the Pitchfork Music Festival for Phawker. Tune in next weekend for hourly updates and complete photographic coverage.

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