WACKO JACKO: We Are Family

DAILY MAIL: Pictured on a visit to a toy and book shop near his current home in Las Vegas, the singer was slumped in a wheelchair wearing pyjamas, a dreadlocked wig, a surgeon’s mask, a baseball cap and sunglasses. Such theatre was presumably designed to prevent shoppers from discovering his true identity. The irony is of course that Jackson is now better known for wearing such ludicrous disguises than not. Indeed he would have stood a much better chance of not being noticed had he strode into the shop without any disguise — and had not pulled up in four cars filled with his eight-strong security team.It remained unclear last night whether Jackson, who is most famous for his footwork and in particular his moonwalk, actually needs the wheelchair to get around or whether he was just using it as a prop. On this occasion, Jackson arrived with his three children, who were unusually unmasked, and headed straight for the children’s book section, where he remained alone for some time. MORE

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