PARKING WARS: A Beatdown In Upper Darby

metermaidbeater.jpgDAILY NEWS: For a $15 ticket, police said, a young Yeadon couple “pummeled” Upper Darby meter maid Kalliopi Maroulis — punching her head and causing her to break her wrist — before speeding away with her ticket book. Maroulis, 46, said she took the meter-maid job in December because she loves to walk. Maroulis said she approached an illegally parked Dodge Charger behind the Wachovia Bank on Ludlow Street about noon Saturday and asked the occupant, identified by police as Ashley Dacons, 20, [pictured, left, via her MySpace page] to move her car.

When Dacons refused, Maroulis said she began to write a ticket. That’s when, Maroulis said, Dacons opened her car door, striking her, and then punched her in the face. Maroulis said she fought back. When Dacons’ boyfriend, identified by police as Dijon Prince, 22, came out of the bank, Maroulis said, he tried to separate her and Dacons but could not. According to Maroulis, Dacons began egging Prince to punch Maroulis in the head. “He didn’t want to but he started hitting me,” she said. “I start to feel dizzy, so I let her go.”

Maroulis said she fell to the ground, breaking her wrist and the car’s rearview mirror in the fall. This prompted Dacons to confront her once again, she said. “Another guy came up and pulled me away so she could leave,” Maroulis said. The couple took Maroulis’ ticket book and left the scene in their vehicle, but they were arrested a short time later along 69th Street, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. MORE

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