All Of This Happened While You Were Sleeping

TiffanyYoonBYLINE.jpgTEXT & PHOTOS BY TIFFANY YOON Ponytail played at the Copy Gallery last night, and if you missed it… shame on you. They put on an effing amazing show. I don’t know how else to describe it without some vulgarity. It was just so effing amazing. Molly Siegel is a tiny tiny girl, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in lung power. The venue, like Molly, was a tad small, but that’s what made it special: an intimate enclave of friends, fans and new listeners. The energy in the room was so positive, both Ponytail and the crowd feeding off of one another and leading each other to both play and dance harder. As Ponytail ended their set, the crowd screamed out, “One More!” and I heard little polite yelps of “pleaseeeeeeee…… ?” Like when you used to ask your mom if you could sleepover your friend’s house…. “pleeeeeeeeeeeeze….?” accompanied by a puppy dog face and a quivering lip. Thankfully, unlike mother, Ponytail obliged. I watched as Ponytail packed up and readied themselves for their journey to New York for their next set of shows. They’ll be back in Philadelphia with Joan of Arc on July 23rd at the First Unitarian. Even more exciting, they’re playing Johnny Brendas on August 22nd with Don Caballero.

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