BYKO: Stick A Fork In Mendte, He’s Done

mendte_tee_1.jpgBYKO: “WHAT WILL happen to Larry Mendte?” I’ve been asked that a few times, because people know that I covered TV for five years, I know the players and I know the process. I know how the squirrels who run TV stations arrange their nuts. After stitching together what has been reported, what is believed to have happened and what is likely to happen, an Etch-a-Sketch picture emerges. To that grainy image I add what else might happen. Larry Mendte is kaput at CBS 3. Why? Odds are he will cop to electronic snooping. In exchange for saving the government the cost of prosecuting him, he won’t get jail time. His punishment may include having to wear an ankle bracelet when he walks his wolf in Chestnut Hill, or some community service such as being the designated blood donor for the Philadelphia Zoo’s vampire-bat habitat. MORE

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