LIVE & DIRECT: IMing Hillary’s Non-Concession Speech


9:32 PM Amy: HEY

azq_1.jpgI’m twittering hillary’s speech if you want to take it

9:33 PM me: SUREhandclaps.gif

MEcropped2_1.jpglink me

Amy: ok she’s starting to speak now

9:34 PM me: mention this

I figured out how to do it

9:35 PM Amy: shh listening

azq_1.jpgme: dick

Amy: <3

9:36 PM me: sho shtupiddem-party-flag1-s.gif

MEcropped2_1.jpgdon’t brag about WVA and Kentucky


azq_1.jpgAmy: no you!

right because even when she wins it doesn’t count

me: blame Harold Ickes

9:37 PM he’s on the rules committee

Amy: oh i know

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: he’s a dick

shtupid primary schedule

but Obama’s peeps outhunk emhandclaps.gif

she ran the old the race

Amy: he got ulucky

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: and he ran the new one

and won


luck is always part of it

9:38 PM gaaaaaa

azq_1.jpgAmy: geeeaaaahhhh

me: don’t cry for me West Virginia

this is NOT a concession speechdem-party-flag1-s.gif

very impressive

9:39 PM true enough

18 million

More of the popular vote? Um, except not actually

but you enjoy that HIllary

Amy: 18 fucking million bitch

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: man, they fail math


dumb girlshandclaps.gif

azq_1.jpgAmy: so when we talk about party unity it’s about how HE is going to make nice with US, not the other way around

our boobs are as big as our brains

9:40 PM me:



we should be twittering togther

azq_1.jpgAmy: that sounds dirty!dem-party-flag1-s.gif

let’s DO IT

9:41 PM i don’t think you can joint twitter

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: pity

I’ve joint twittered with plenty of babes!


azq_1.jpgAmy: i hope you used protection

me: just the Internet, baby

9:42 PM Amy: ooh yeahhandclaps.gif

9:43 PM me:
does she see ANY black people?

9:45 PM Oh boy

MEcropped2_1.jpghere it comes: What she wants


good answer

good riff




She wants everyone to share her experience?

$12 million campaign debt for every american?

no thanks

azq_1.jpgAmy: gag

me: good one, Mrs. Z

9:47 PM me: Obama just emailed me

9:48 PM he’s about to take the stage

damn, he’s good

Amy: he better wait until she’s donehandclaps.gif


MEcropped2_1.jpgme: she’s got two minutes according to his email

Amy: i’ll smack the ugly right off him

9:49 PM me: ah, the Catholic kiss up, she got the Rosary in there

9:50 PM Amy: making no decisions tonight!


make him EARN IT

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: earn what?dem-party-flag1-s.gif

he won

act like it

azq_1.jpgAmy: bleargh

me: yeah, what else can you say to thathandclaps.gif

No Decisions

her new slogan, how fitting

9:51 PM Amy: no here’s the thing

this is actually brilliant

now she can dangle her endorsement and make a HUGE deal out of it

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: poor sportsmanship

Amy: soak it for a week or so

it’s fucking poltics

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: by all means it should continue to be about HERdem-party-flag1-s.gif

for another week


good idea

what would the GOP do?


9:52 PM jesus

where does the air of entitlement endhandclaps.gif

9:54 PM did she just say suckered?

MEcropped2_1.jpgsuckered from seizures?

Freudian slip!

Health care for all, I heard that in 1992

I was that woman

Amy: haha

MEcropped2_1.jpgme: but I was a man

Amy: back in a bit

azq_1.jpgjohn just got home, gotta feed himdem-party-flag1-s.gif

me: right

9:55 PM MEcropped2_1.jpgBack to the kitchen!



HOT DOC: Letter From St. Paul

Jonathan —

I’m about to take the stage in St. Paul and announce that we have won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

It’s been a long journey, and we should all pause to thank Hillary Clinton, who made history in thisMAC_OBAMA_big.jpg campaign. Our party and our country are better off because of her.

I want to make sure you understand what’s ahead of us. Earlier tonight, John McCain outlined a vision of America that’s very different from ours — a vision that continues the disastrous policies of George W. Bush.

But this is our moment. This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past and bring new energy and new ideas to the challenges we face. Our time to offer a new direction for the country we love.

It’s going to take hard work, but thanks to you and millions of other donors and volunteers, no one has ever been more prepared for such a challenge.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to get us here. Let’s keep making history.






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