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Presidential candidates have been touting green collar jobs as part of their plans to reduce energy dependence and buoy the economy through the creation of new jobs. We talk about the challenges and realities of creating a “green collar”workforce with KEVIN DOYLE, founder of Green Economy, a Boston-based workforce development consulting firm, and BRACKEN HENDRICKS, of the Center for American Progress. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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While the seniors danced at Prom Night 2001 in Hoisington, Kansas—a town of about 3,000—a tornado hit the town, destroying about a third of it. When they emerged from the dance, they discovered what had happened, and in the weeks that followed, they tried to explain to themselves why the tornado hit where it did. Plus other stories that happen on Prom Night. More…

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Friday May 30, 2008
The B-52s

Veteran party-rockers The B-52s join Michaela Majoun on the World Café. Still going strong after 30 years, The B-52s have just released a new album aptly titled, Funplex. This, their eighth album, sticks to a tried and true blend of garage rock, funk, and new wave. Perhaps best summed up by the band’s guitarist Keith Strickland, Funplex is “loud, sexy rock & roll with the beat pumped up to hot pink.”

B-52s: Rock Lobster

Live at the Downtown Cafe, Atlanta, 1978.

BONUS SESSION: listen.gifBlue-eyed soul virtuoso Eli “Paperboy” Reed may have grown up in Massachusetts, but he conveys the heart-wrenching emotion of Southern predecessors such as Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding. Reed, along with his seven-piece band True Loves, just finished a month-long tour, sharing dates with the alt-pop band Say Anything. While the combination may seem odd, Reed says that soul music breaks all barriers, because its purpose is to “make people feel something.”


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