THE BEATDOWN: Ramsey Fires Four Cops

INQUIRER: Four Philadelphia police officers today were fired, with another demoted and three others facing suspension with transfer for taking part in the videotaped beatings of three suspects.The officers were among 19 policemen who were filmed May 5 kicking and pummeling three men on a tape by a Fox29 television news helicopter. Police allege the three men had been involved in an earlier drive-by shooting in Feltonville that resulted in several injuries. The disciplinary actions were announced this afternoon at Police Headquarters by Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Mayor Michael Nutter. Ramsey said a police sergeant who “failed to take action” and stop thepolice-brutality.jpg beatings was among the officers being demoted. Mayor Nutter said today’s announcement “represents our effort to ensure that officers – and more importantly citizens – understand the engagement they should expect out on the street.” Ramsey said the investigation determined that the remaining 10 Philadelphia officers identified in the video acted within guidelines and will not face disciplinary action. Ramsey said all officers will receive additional training on the use of force. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Mayor Nutter, you are gonna have to do a LOT better than ‘the video is what it is.’ People get shot almost every day in this city — cops, crooks and those somewhere in between — and as much as that sucks nobody would argue that fact gives anyone, ESPECIALLY THE COPS, a license to beat the shit out of people. That is called ‘assault and battery’ and last time we checked it was a felony. You will get NOWHERE with ‘No Snitchin’ if you are seen by the citizenry as just an obedient lapdog of the cops and apologist for their worst abuses, and you will get NOWHERE on the murder rate without bridging the ‘No Snitchin’ divide. We are well aware of the daily shitstorm cops have to navigate for not much pay or glory — and that most protect and serve with honor — but they knew the terms when they applied to carry a gun and wear the badge: With great power comes great accountability. This footage is sickening to watch and completely unacceptable in this day and age, more befitting the pitiless brutality of a Shia Death squad or the fascist truncheons of banana republic paramilitaries than The Finest of the fifth largest municipality in the United States Of America. These cops should have been fired yesterday. End of story. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Victim’s Lawyers Say Cops Are Lying

policebeatdown.JPGDOMELIGHTS: I’m starting to realize why some people want to work inside or don’t do squat on the street. You cannot get in trouble if you don’t do ANYTHING! If a car takes off on you, wave goodbye; if someone shoots at you, get back in the car and head for cover; bad guys resist, let them go; crowd of thugs on the corner, drive by and give them a thumbs up. You don’t want to offend “community” groups or risk violating a criminals rights. “We got rights!” Well, now so do we. The right to just throw up our hands and give the fu(k up. Uniform changes, outdoor roll calls, bypassing the promotional lists, fring without due process, and on and on. The demoralization of this police department is going to cause a surge in crime, not a decrease. Mark my words, CAPs will go up as well. Does this mean that I have to worry that the next time I do a UOF, I’m risking termination because I had to hit Little Johhny? Fock it, just give the whole city to these criminals and the rest of us will head for higher ground and wait it out. What’s next, giving the three thugs in the car that night spots as Deputy Commissioners? You know as well as I do that they’re gonna get a pass. Shoot a guy, run from the police, resist, have your mommy cry to the press, hire a scumbag lawyer with a pinch under his belt for smuggling dope into a prison, bring in Fat Al…’s a lousy plot right out of the movies. Side note, whenever you see their lawyer at the CJC, remind him to remove all narcotics out of his briefcase. Once an arrogant azzhole, always an arrogant azzhole. MORE

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