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Reverend Carroll Pickett was the death-house chaplain at the Walls prison unit in Huntsville, Texas for 13 years. During his tenure, he ministered to 95 inmates executed by lethal injection. Because he was employed by the state, Pickett was unable to voice his disapproval of capitol punishment while performing his ministry. But he hasmuslim2.jpg become an opponent of the death penalty since leaving the prison system. Pickett co-authored a memoir with Carlton Stowers, titled Within These Walls. He is now the subject of a new documentary, At the Death House Door.


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is our country’s approach to terrorism making us safer or giving us a false sense of security? We talk with MICHAEL SHEEHAN, author of Crush the Cell: How to Defeat Terrorism Without Terrorizing Ourselves. He has held many high level government positions including Ambassador at Large for Counter-terrorism at the State Department, National Security Council staff officer at the White House, and New York City Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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In his new book, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, author MICHAEL POLLAN argues that “instead of eating food, we’re consuming ‘edible foodlike substances,’ no longer the products of nature but of food science.” His advice for a healthy diet can be summed up in seven words: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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Trent Reznor
DaviddyeNPR.jpgHost David Dye meets with Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor on the World Café. Hot on the heels of the politically-charged, futuristic opus, Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails have just released Ghosts, an ambitious 36-track instrumental soundscape. Always on the cutting edge of music distribution, Reznor self-released the album in a range of formats, from a free download of the first 9 tracks, to an expansive box set.

NIN: Closer 

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