All Of This Happened While You Were Sleeping

Making Time, Pure, Last Night [Photos by TIFFANY YOON/CLICK TO ENLARGE]

BY TIFFANY YOON There comes a time when a night life party as big as Making Time reaches its threshold and edges perilously close to the shark-tank. The shameless and pervasive display of look-at-me-I’m-a-raging-drunk assholish behavior last night does not bode well for the future of Making Time.  Dave P and the other resident DJs celebrated the party’s 8th year and with an impressive lineup with Mobius Band, Black Kids and Cut Copy.  We congratulate the guys for their years of rad party throwing, but fear for the future of Making Time and parties alike.  There were swarms of belligerent (excuse my language) ASSHOLES on the main floor relentlessly crushing anyone in their way.  I heard pleas for mercy going around, but their requests for some tact were quickly silenced. 

Tim Hoey of Cut Copy pleaded with the crowd to “look out for one another,” ironically as an elbow came down on my head and thoughts of the bruises I’d inevitably collect from being pressed against the stage ran through my mind. Dan Whitford and Hoey shot each other concerned glances and occasionally shook their heads, unsure of what to do and trying to control the crowd.  Occasionally when a hit would come on, Whitford would encourage the crowd to get excited and rowdy. Nearby fans laughed at the irony of these remarks and prepared themselves for the onslaught of flailing arms, spilling drinks and and stubbing out lit cigarettes. I am only half-kidding when I say we feared for our lives.

Assholes tried climbing on top of — not amps or even the stage itself — but people. They were climbing people, grabbing shoulders, trying to get some leverage on their backs in hopes to run on stage. Some strangers and I threw one of these “climbers” back to the ground in disgust.  C’mon, have some f’ing respect Philadelphia. Dave P throws a great party, invites some guests, and this is how we treat them? Hoey practically threw his guitar and I was surprised he didn’t aim for the crowd, to run off stage after their set, minutes after a girl shamelessly grabbed his head while he crouched down to play some pedals. Making Time’s popularity, it would seem, has been both its best friend and worst enemy.

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