THE SLAVES OF PENNSYLTUCKY: Rendell Vows To Re-Emancipate The Slaves If It Comes To That


JOHN BAER: Senate GOP Leader Dominic Pileggi said that if Fumo actually believes a majority of the Senate would vote to reinstate slavery, “It’s hard to see how that wouldn’t require an apology.” I wouldn’t count on it. Unless it’s one of those “if I offended anyone” things. Besides, Vince is merely extending (though by some distance) Gov. Ed’s stated view that some Pennsylvania whites won’t vote for blacks. And Gov. Ed’s spokesman assures me that if the Legislature passes a slavery bill, the governor will veto it. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Fumo Confident That A Law Re-Instating Slavery Would Pass In The PA State House; Claims He Was Kidding, But We Have No Reason To Believe Him

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