PETA Offers $1 Million To The Inventor Of Frankenmeat


ASSOCIATED PRESS: Animal rights activists are offering scientists a $1 million reward if they can produce commercially viable meat in a laboratory. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals leaders say lab-grown meat could satisfy appetites without harming animals. “People are surprised to learn that PETA is interested in lab-grown meat, but we have overcome our own revulsion at flesh-eating to champion a breakthrough that will mean a far kinder world for animals,” said PETA President Igrid Newkirk. The reward would go to the first scientist who develops a method that produces enough meat to be marketed in 10 U.S. states at a price competitive with prevailing chicken prices. To cash in, scientists must create meat that is indistinguishable from regular chicken in taste and texture, according to a taste-test panel.The deadline for the lab meat to go on sale to the public is June 30, 2012. Scientists must then prove that consumers purchased at least 100 pounds of lab meat in each state it is sold in. MORE

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