MEOW MIX: Sweeping Up After The Party

meow_mix_logo_1.jpg The story on Gov. Corzine earlier this month was whether his superdelegate vote was in play. If we’re going by The Vest’s front-if-not-center place on the stage at the Bellevue, where he watched Hillary’s speech along with the Nutters, Bill n’ Chelsea and Mrs. Rodham, his vote and phonebanking skillz seem secure. Is he still “reserving the right” to jump ship? Doesn’t sound like it. . . . Speaking of Going O . . . OK. I’ve never interviewed or met Lisa Nutter so this is very Lisanutter_2 much just me talking here. But one gets the feeling that Mrs. Philadelphia isn’t feelin’ it for HRC the way her Boo is. I know she’s not the grab-the-spotlight type, but there was something very golf-clappy and “God I wish this was over” about her up there…Going by the conversations I’ve had with some gay and lesbian folks lately (both at HillFest and not), it certainly sounds like Obama does have a Queer Problem. It’s not just about him sitting down with the Advocate and not PGN, though that certainly didn’t help him here. I’m hearing a sense of disquiet about the Revs. Wright and Meeks and questions about his commitment to LGBT civil rights, despite his otherwise gay-friendly reputation.

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