WORTH REPEATING: Legalize The ‘Oldest Profession’


*SMERCONISH: It is ridiculous that governance of the nation’s third-largest state is changing hands because two consenting adults swapped sex for money instead of the conventional cosmopolitan or margarita. When the dust settles over this brouhaha, I hope we’ll be ready for a long-overdue, realistic, adult conversation about prostitution. It’s time to bring the world’s oldest profession aboveboard in communities willing to allow it, clean up the trade, and clamp down on the exploitation. Let government share in the revenue, but otherwise stay out of the private affairs of consenting adults. Beyond the role ofeliotspitzer_copy_1.jpg the tax man, prostitution doesn’t warrant the involvement of federal authorities.

Instructive is the way in which Spitzer was caught. Since Sept. 11, 2001, the financial world has been required to alert the feds when evidence arises of conduct that could be linked to terrorism. Spitzer’s suspicious money transfers were the thread that led to his discovery. Some functionary or other recognized that this was a case of titillation, not terrorism, yet nevertheless committed the resources that brought about Spitzer’s public crash. What a waste of time, expertise, and the people’s money. MORE

*Ordinarily Mr. Smerconish only warrants mention on Phawker when we want to point out just how far he has his bald head up his ass, but when you are right you’re right. And for once, Michael Smerconish is right. Kudos to you, sir, for speaking the courage of your convictions.

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