Deregulation Without Representation Is Tyranny, YO


REMOTE CONTROL: How big are the stakes in the so-called network neutrality debate now raging before Congress and federal regulators? Consider this: One side in the debate actually went to the trouble of hiring people off the street to pack a Federal Communications Commission meeting yesterday — and effectively keep some of its opponents out of the room. Broadband giant Comcast — the subject of the F.C.C. hearing on network neutrality at the Harvard Law School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts — acknowledged that it did exactly that. Comcast spokeswoman Jennifer Khoury said that the company paid some people to arrive early and hold places in the queue for local Comcast employees who wanted to attend the hearing. MORE


BEST AND BRIGHTEST: Hired goons, paid by Comcast to take up all the available seats and thereby exclude pro-Net Neutrality advocates from attending, snooze through the proceedings. This is what Free Speech looks like in a world gone Comcastic.

ATTYTOOD: Comcastic! Philly’s cable giant pays people off the street to pack hearing — on Internet free speech
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