KILLADELPHIA: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


INQUIRER: Joseph Kelly Sr., 77, was eastbound on the Expressway about 1:50 a.m. when he spotted the man in the wheelchair stuck on the expressway’s outer eastbound lane near the 15th Street off-ramp. The wheelchair was facing traffic heading in the wrong direction. It was not immediately clear why the man in the wheelchair was on the expressway or how he had become stuck.

Kelly stopped his minivan on the right shoulder, got out of his vehicle and crossed three lanes of traffic to offer help to the wheelchair-bound man, police said. As Kelly pushed the wheelchair back toward the right shoulder, another vehicle slowed to crawl in the expressway’s center lane to avoid hitting them, police said.

When the vehicle in the center lane came to a full stop, a black pickup truck swerved to avoid it. The pickup sideswiped the stopped vehicle, slammed into the expressway’s elevated median and ricocheted into the motorist pushing the wheelchair, killing both men instantly, police said. MORE

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