TONITE: 5 Things You Should Know About Teenagers



1. Just to be clear: when we say The Teenagers, we are talking about the super-hot French electroclashers, not the age group. Their super Euro-smash single is called “Starlett Johansson,” but it’s not like they arescarlettlit.jpg obsessed or anything. “We’re not like really obsessed with her or anything,” says Dorian Dumont of the hirsute Parisian trio, during a phone interview in advance of their appearance tonight at Making Time. “We just like saying her name… Johansson…and we think she’s pretty.” If that is a crime, let them be guilty.

2. The Teenagers are anxiously awaiting the release of Scarlett Johansson’s Tom Waits cover album, due out May 20. They plan sleep outside the record store on the eve of the release, just to be sure they are first in line. Their own album, Reality Check, (produced by The Strokes’ Gordon Raphael) drops March 18.

3. The Teenagers — Michael Szpiner, Dorian Dumont and Quentin Delafon — have been best buds for almost 10 years now. They met in prison where all three were doing hard time for grand theft auto. They met in grade school, according to Dumont.

4. The Teenagers have never been to Philadelphia before, but Dorian skateboards. He says he’s onlycarla-bruni-1.jpg heard of/seen Philadelphia through the many many skate videos he’s watched featuring skaters in Love Park. He hopes (if the weather will permit) to get a chance to take his board out while in Philly.

5. The Teenagers, who share a motherland with Justice and Daft Punk, don’t really have an opinion on their two timing president, Nicholas Sarkozy. They’re not really looking to judge whether it’s the right or wrong thing to do, but they do think Carla Bruni [pictured right], Sarkozy’s new girlfriend, is really hot.


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