Top 5 Reasons Why LUPE FIASCO Was Better Than Whatever Hip-Hop Show You Were At Last Night

U GO GO GADGET: Lupe Fiasco, The Fillmore, Last Night

1. Lupe turned the Fillmore into a walk down memory lane, beginning each song with a dream-like “Philly, do you remember that time when…?” No, Lupe, we don’t remember the time that we went grocery shopping with you for food and liquor and were jumping up and down in the aisles… but we’d love for you to refresh our memory.


2. I don’t know about everyone else, but I plan on purchasing a pair of the almost knee-high hi-tops that Mr. Fiasco was sporting as soon as possible. Only The Cool could pull off such ludicrous kicks.


3. Anyone who thought Lupe wasn’t enough of a badass to spit his verse of “Touch the Sky” from Kanye’s Late Registration was proved completely wrong, as the Chi-town rapper did just that for the second song of the set. “Lupe still like Lupin the Third,” he reminded the mind-blown crowd as they tried to lift their jaws off the floor.


4. Almost no Lupe stone was left unturned! Aside from “Go Go Gadget Flow,” all of the hits from both albums saw play. One of the highlights? “Kick, Push,” during which Lupe told the hordes of adoring females present “I would marry you, but I’m engaged to these aerials and varials.”


5. I challenge anyone to try and say they had more fun last night than the sold-out Flllmore crowd had singing along to the set-closing and show-stopping “Superstar.” Pounding out the chorus over and over again with his exceptional band, backup singers, and Matthew Santos, like it was self-fulfilling prophecy.



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