NEWS CLUES: ‘Take This Job & Love It’ Edition

MR. NUTTER GOES TO WASHINGTON: Takes Nation’s Capital By Storm

WASHINGTON — Mayor Nutter’s dinner was getting cold. There were dozens of hands to shake before he could eat. Fellow mayors, business executives, nonprofit leaders and lobbyists: They lined up three deep, hoping for a moment of his time. Nutter is accustomed to that sort of attention in Philadelphia. But in Washington? “It’s a little strange when you’re out of town,” Nutter said as he finally broke free of the crowd at a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors last week. Less than a month into his administration, it has become clear that Philadelphians aren’t the only ones curious about Nutter, suggesting he could play a role on the national stage. On Monday of last week, for instance, Nutter was a guest on a six-minute segment of MSNBC’s Hardball, opining on the presidential race and explaining what it took for candidates to build multiracial support. Nutter was back on the network the next morning, discussing urban challenges such as housing and infrastructure.The next day, Nutter and other mayors met with Senate Democrats at the Capitol. Hours later, he joined presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gov. Rendell in Philadelphia for an appearance at City Hall. “People see a new mayor trying to take on a whole host of challenges, from crime to education to creating jobs, and there’s enthusiasm, and people get a little curious,” Nutter said. “We want folks all across the country to know more about us, and a big part of my job is being an ambassador, telling people who we are.” [via INQUIRER]


I BLOGGER: Stephen A. Smith Pitches Tent In Cyberspace

stephenasmith.jpgA native of Hollis, Queens, who built his foundation as a journalist over the course of 14 years in New York and Philadelphia, Stephen A. Smith is now widely recognized as one of most popular voices on ESPN as well as one of the preeminent voices in the African-American Community. After graduating from Winston-Salem State University, Smith’s journalism career began as a high school sportswriter at the New York Daily News in the summer of 1993. Just 14 months later, he departed to cover college basketball for the Philadelphia Inquirer. As the years went by, Smith rose in the journalism profession, covering everything from college basketball and football at Temple University, to national college basketball and football, and ultimately the National Basketball Association, his dream job. After four years as a beat writer on the Philadelphia 76ers, he became an NBA Columnist in 2001. By March 2003, Smith was promoted to General Sports Columnist, becoming one of only 21 African-Americans in the nation to hold such a title at that time. [via STEPHENA.COM]


NJ Best Buy HR Falls For Phony Email, Dishes Ex-Employee Dirt To ‘Competitors’

dwightshrute.jpgStung by a scathing job reference, a Burlington County man filed a federal lawsuit last week claiming that Best Buy, his former employer, blackballed him. Michael Oliveri, 47, said it was impossible to find a new job after he was fired in August 2006 from Best Buy, the electronics and appliance megamart. In his suit, Oliveri said he became suspicious after offers at Circuit City and Target were abruptly withdrawn. So Oliveri, of Columbus, hatched a plan. He created an e-mail account using the name of a Target employee. Then Oliveri sent a note to his former company asking for a “candidate reference.” According to Oliveri’s lawsuit, Best Buy’s district human resources manager, Ann McCafferty, allegedly responded: “I will give you the skinny on him but you can’t say you got any info from Best Buy or we can be sued. Just don’t hire him and say you went with a better candidate. He was hired as GM and demoted after 12 months or so because he sucked. He is desperate for a job because supposedly his wife left him because he has no job. I would not touch him. Again, do not forward this email to anybody or say where you heard the info from because we were not allowed to give this info out, but I would hate you to get stuck with this guy!” New Jersey law prohibits interference with a prospective employment relationship. [via INQUIRER]

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