FORBES: We’re Number One!


[Illustration by ALEX FINE]

Bill Giles, The P.T. Barnum Of The Phillies, And The Creature He Brought To Life

INQUIRER: The Phillie Phanatic is the top mascot in sports, according to a market research group whose findings were reported today on Phanatic — which edged out the pioneer mascot the San Diego Chicken for No. 1 on The Marketing Arm’s Davie-Brown Index — “became an instant smash when it debuted for the Phillies in 1978. Leading fans from the top of the dugout, riding around on a motorbike and heckling opposing players was all new at the time, offering a sneak peak of the future. Players and purists hated it. Dodger manager Tom Lasorda got into a scuffle with the Phanatic, while broadcaster Joe Garagiola one lamented that ‘baseball is being invaded by the Muppets.’ But it was a marketing ploy, and the time had come.” MORE

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