MAILBAG: “A Paranoid Man Is A Man That Knows A Little About What’s Going On” — William Burroughs


Thought you might be interested in this story that is bubbling around underneath the mainstream media. You’ve seen that HBO documentary about how dangerously screwed-up those electronic voting machines are? Hackable Diebold machines were supplied to 80% of New Hampshire’sdiebold_ad_stalin.jpg districts. Seems Hillary won overwhelmingly on these machines where Obama overwhelmingly won on the hand-countable machines, defying all statistical probabilities.

CNN fleetingly mentioned in their exit polls had Obama ahead by 8% points, in line with all recent polling which charted a steady rise over the last few weeks for Obama and a steady waning of Clinton’s. With this scenario we’re somehow asked to believe that somehow the media excitement around Obama’s historic Iowa win actually made the bottom fall from his support? Was Clinton’s emotion choked moment that momentous? Remember, the U.S. State Department declared the 2004 Ukrainian election (“The Orange Revolution) illegitimate solely because of exit poll discrepancies.

Through the looking-glass here, could the Republicans tilted the contest towards Hillary, since polling has long had her with the lowest ratings when matched against Republican Presidential candidates. Are they trying to pick the weakest challenger?

Rove has given a bunch of interviews since leaving the White House, admitting to being impressed with Hillary’s strategy and anointing her the presumptive nominee. When reporters asked him for comments on Obama or Edwards he wouldn’t even say their names. Cagey guy.

Believe me, I’m aware I’m offering no proof here. Perhaps the ultimate point to be made is that it is sad that we’re allowed these non-recountable electronic voting machines to infect the system to such extent that it is hard the prove this theory wrong. And the fact that Clinton was caught TWICE having staffers posing as town hall questioners hasn’t done much to dispel the idea that this election season is overwhelmed with unprecedented stage craft all around. We would like to think we were actually witnessing something truthful but we’re being treated as an audience.

P.S.: How come my Hotmail spell check want to change “Obama” to “Osama”?

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