ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Top Five Things You Really Should Know About The Wu-Tang Clan At The Troc


1.) RZA wasn’t in the house — he’s not part of Wu-Tang’s current tour — and not a single track from the Pride of Shaolin’s latest album, 8 Diagrams, was played, but nobody minded, least of all the drunk white dudes who rapped along to “Bring The Pain” like they were away at Senior Week ’94.

2.) Even without The RZA, the Clan was not lacking in personnel — GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck and others made appearances, passing the mic (and, uh, other things) freely and generously back and forth across the stage during a furious, if brief, set.

3.) After a late-even-for-a-rap-show start — the tour buses didn’t show up until well after 11, they didn’t come onstage until midnight approached — it didn’t go over well at first when Raekwon declared our city is Wu-Tang’s “number two market.” Fortunately, everyone in the house was baked enough by that point that they understood it as the compliment (I think) he meant it to be.

4.) It’s nearly impossible to bring a packed music venue to a complete halt, but Method Man got close during a cellphone-light vigil for the dearly departed Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Moment of silence for Dirt McGirt, errbody!

5.) Special shoutout to “MC Scared,” the skinny white dude sent out to entertain the restless crowd with some beat-boxing. At first it was looking like dude was go down in flames and I was getting an “American Idol” vibe from him, but he earned his props after “sampling” Run DMC, Salt n’ Pepa, that “Axl F” song and even some Wu-Tang joints. — AMY Z. QUINN

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