THAT’S COMCASTIC: Cable Monolith Facing $1.77 Trillion In FCC Fines For Internet Interference


As 2007 came to a close, we learned what we suspected for years: that Comcast has been inhibiting their users’ ability to use popular file sharing protocols, like BitTorrent. Treading in the waters of non-network neutrality is a major faux pas amongst the geek elite, but it may turn out to be a costly violation by the standards of the FCC.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced today that a coalition of consumer groups and legal scholars had asked the agency in November to stop Comcast from discriminating against certain types of data. The two groups also asked the FCC to fine Comcast $195,000 per affected subscriber. Comcastcomcastseacrest.jpg has 9.1 million subscribers to their digital services, according to their most recently issued investor’s report. [FYI: 9.1 million multiplied by $195,000 equals $1.77 trillion]

As it turns out, violating the trust of your userbase and denying them the ability to use their data plans unfettered can cost a bit more than a few days of bad PR in the technology blogosphere. One thing is for certain, admitting your company is not net neutral won’t be acceptable behavior any longer, and maybe — just maybe — big broadband providers may reconsider their network filtering policies. MORE

EXPLAINER: Imagine that Comcast is the elevator operator in a 20 story building. Some people get on board and say ’20th floor, please’ and that is where Comcast takes them. Others get on board and say ’20th floor please’ and are told, ‘Sorry, this elevator doesn’t go that high.’

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