HILLARY’S CHOICE: Asphyxiation By Triangulation


RASMUSSEN: In New Hampshire, Monday’s tracking update shows Obama retaining his double digit lead over Clinton. Obama’s victory has triggered a political earthquake, but it would be foolish to assume that he will cruise to the nomination unchallenged by the formidable Clinton campaign team. MORE

HUFFINGTON POST: Clinton needs to do something dramatic. She needs to give people a reason to believe in her, show that she’s not just an overly scripted politician who will never do anything that’s isn’t “safe.”An excellent way to do that would be to leave the campaign trail and go back to Washington with Chris Dodd to filibuster retroactive immunity for the telecoms. The message that “nobody should be above the law,” that she’ll fight for accountability and won’t be held hostage by big money interests would be a powerful one. She’d certainly grab all the media attention by doing so, and force Obama to either follow her lead or stay behind on the campaign trail while she goes to Washington and fights for the constitution — neither of which have good optics. MORE

WIKIPEDIA: Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been referred to as “Mrs. Triangulation”[1], because she has called for dramatic increases in the military budget[2] and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from corporate lobbyists [3]…Many rank-and-file Democrats use the term “triangulation” as a pejorative, sometimes in reference to the Democratic Leadership Council. They believe that triangulation has led to multiple electoral defeats and eroded the principles of those who use the strategy. MORE

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