BOSS OF ENGLAND: Merry Xmas! War Is Over!

It must be true, that’s what the Prime Minister of England told the troops in Basra, like, yesterday:

gordonbrown.jpg[British Prime Minister] GORDON Brown yesterday delivered a stirring festive message to Our Boys in Iraq: “Happy Christmas – war is over.” The PM was cheered as he praised UK troops and revealed combat operations in Basra will end “within two weeks”. Iraqi forces will take over as the 4,500-strong British force switches from front-line duties to a training role.

By early next year, our contingent in Southern Iraq will be cut to 2,500 – and may be withdrawn completely in March. The PM broke the good news in a flying visit to Iraq. “Iraqis can take far more control of their country.”

He said: “The British people are so grateful for all you do . . . we are incredibly proud of what you have done. The whole British people are proud of everything you achieved here “Thank you very much and happy Christmas to you all.” Since Our Boys withdrew from Basra’s city centre and palace to the airport a few miles away back in September attacks on them have fallen by 90 percent. MORE

Ever get the feeling you are living in a bizarro universe where the war can’t possibly be ended, because that would be crazy talk, even though nobody can really say for sure why it started in the first place, because the reason keeps changing? Heh-heh, of course you do!

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