When Beer Was The AK47 Super-Weed Of Its Day


Wednesday, December 5th was the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. KYW’s John McDevitt spoke with the owner of the nation’s oldest brewery, in nearby Montgomery County, Pa., and what his family did toprohibitionposter.jpg stay in business during the ban on alcohol.Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville went into business 178 years ago. They were established for about 90 years before Prohibition. Dick Yuengling is the fifth generation running the brewery. He says that during Prohibition his family brewed “near” beer: “Less than one-half of one percent alcohol in (the) product. We called it a ‘cereal beverage.’ There were a couple of different labels that I know of — it was ‘Yuengling Special,’ there was a brand called ‘Jubo.’ We made a porter in those days — we called that ‘Por/Tor.'” Soon after Prohibition ended in 1933, the brewery sent a barrel of Yuengling — with alcohol — to the White House. [via KYW]

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