PAPERBOY EXTRA: Separated At Birth?


Bad ideas have a way of making friends in low places, but shit like this shoulda never made it up the ladder. The image on the right is easy enough to find, just Google “rats” and “Jews”; the image on the left is the cover of this week’s PW. Frankly, we think it should have been the euthanized before it got beyond “Hey, what if we…” stage. Given the long and well-documented history of vicious anti-Semites — from the Nazis to the Al Aqsa Brigades — comparing Jews to vermin, we can only look at the cover of this week’s PW and ask ourselves: What in the name of B’Nai B’rith was Tim Whitaker thinking when he signed off on this? And how did it get past PW Managing Editor Jeff Barg? We can vividly recall Mr. Barg making us change every instance of “Jew” to “Jewish person” before publication back in the day. Oy gevalt!

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