MAILBAG: Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny


True Democrats and True Republicans want the same thing. I am a Republican who supports Paul. I have been Republican since I could vote. To me, it is a matter of tactics. The greatest danger we face as Americans is Monopoly. But the greates monopoly in the US is not a corporation, it is a territorial monopoly of jurisdiction and taxation ie. the Federal Government. Government and corporate interests each weak on their own, collude to form a cartel that is not for the people.

Corporations, by themselves, are weak because they are forced to give the consumer what they want while under the duress of intense competition.

Government, by itself, is weak because of heavy resistance to its ability to tax and dominate the money supply.

Together, they form a powerful fascist organization where the profits generated by corporate and special interests is used to secure the monopoly power of government. There is no way to stop this theat by using the government monopoly to fight corporate profits — The government has become the corporate interests. The only way to fight this trend is to remove government authority. Dismantle government monopoly power. Then the lobbyist will go home, and fight for profits the old fashioned way — earning them.

Republicans and Democrats can rally around one candidate this election cycle. Paul has the honor and integrity to fight special interests, limit corporate power, and reduce the monopoly power of big government. Paul is for the people.


Tampa Bay

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