NEWS CLUES: It’s Like Adderall For Your Eyeballs

Florida Gets Medieval On Ass Of GOP Legislator Caught In Potty Sex Sting

gomez-gaytweaked.gifFlorida State Rep. Bob Allen’s troubles may only get worse. Seconds after he was convicted Friday of soliciting a sex act in a park bathroom, legislative leaders were discussing how to remove him from office. The lawmaker is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday for the second-degree misdemeanor charge and could face a maximum 60 days in the county jail and a $500 fine. Prosecutors said after the verdict was announced that they intend to seek jail time. Because of the nature of the crime, prosecutors said, Allen would have to undergo testing for sexually transmitted diseases. The results, they said, would be made public. Since his arrest, Allen has been stripped of his committee chairmanship in the House, ridiculed on late-night talk shows, labeled a racist for saying he thought the undercover officer was going to rob him and accused of using his position as a legislator to avoid prosecution. [via ORLANDO SENTINEL]


Local Columbine Fanboy Talked To Finnish Schoolhouse Slayer On The Internet

gunschoolgirl.jpgThe Finnish teen who killed eight people and himself last week had communicated online with Dillon Cossey, the local youth who admitted to plotting a Columbine-style assault at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. “He recognized the screen name and recalled having contact by email,” said J. David Farrell, who represents Cossey, 14, of Plymouth Valley. Farrell said Cossey was “very distressed to hear” that Pekka-Eric Auvinen, 18, of Tuusula, Finland, had gunned down six students, a nurse and the principal at his high school, located about 30 miles north of Helsinki. Cossey told Farrell that Auvinen “gave no indication he was going to do anything violent,” and that Cossey “offered nothing in the way of encouragement” to pursue violence. Auvinen killed himself after the shootings. The teens shared an interest in a video game called “Hitman,” Farrell said, adding that they may have also had a mutual obsession with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the students responsible for the Columbine high school massacre. [via INQUIRER]


Suspected Pakistani Plotter In Danny Pearl Kidnapping & Murder Is Dead

dannypearl.jpgA PAKISTANI businessman suspected of playing a role in the 2002 brutal killing of American journalist Daniel Pearl died earlier this year, shortly after being interrogated by US and Pakistani intelligence, The Wall Street Journal reported today. Pearl, a Karachi-based correspondent for the Journal, was kidnapped on January 23, 2002, and killed execution-style shortly after. The newspaper said Karachi businessman Saud Memon became a key suspect in the case because he owned a nursery where Pearl had been held captive. Citing an unnamed senior US law enforcement official, the report said Memon was interrogated by both US and Pakistani intelligence services. The interrogation produced information that Memon was helping Al-Qaeda develop anthrax strains, the newspaper said. But Memon’s family members and human rights groups said that in April, the businessman was left in front of his Karachi home badly injured and emaciated, weighing just 36kg, according to the report. About a month later, he died from what was described as complications from meningitis and tuberculosis, the Journal said. But the report mentions an unnamed Pakistani police official saying Memon was already in poor condition when the US gave him back to the Pakistanis. [via the HERALD SUN]

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